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Symantec Managed PKI AATL Certificate for PDF Impress User Guide

Symantec recently released user guide for securing PDF documents with Digital Signature using PDF Impress. Symantec Managed PKI service which uses Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) certificates will ensure document…

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Add an electronic digital ID and signature stamp image to an Adobe Acrobat PDF using PDF Impress and Symantec Managed PKI Service

PDF Impress can add an electronic digital ID and stamp a signature image to any print output. This will allow you to verify the authenticity of the document, integrity, and add a traditional hand written physical signature to the document.

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Create a self-signed digital certificate (ID) using Adobe Reader for use with PDF Impress

There are many ways to create a self-signed digital signature certificate¬†(also called a digital ID), but PDF Impress provides the easiest way to generate and automatically store it in the…

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