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New dictionaries for SoftMaker Office spell checker

SoftMaker Office ships with high quality commercial dictionaries for spell checking in many languages. The included dictionaries cover the following languages: English (United States, United Kingdom), French (France, Canada), German (Germany, Switzerland,…

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Softmaker Office 2018 is now free to schools, colleges and universities

SoftMaker provides SoftMaker Office 2018 for Windows and Linux to schools, colleges and universities worldwide free of charge. With such a license, the software may be installed and used on all…

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SoftMaker FreeOffice comparison with SoftMaker Office 2018

Just few days ago SoftMaker released FreeOffice 2018, their freeware version of SoftMaker Office 2018. Often, when we ask people to purchase SoftMaker Office 2018, they balk: “Why should I…

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