ActivePresenter is software that can easily capture your screen/desktop and automatically generate help documentation text. While recording the presentation, each mouse click will take the text from the Windows element (menu item, list box, etc.) and save it to a dialog element. These text elements will be used when exporting to a document format (e.g. Adobe PDF).

Capture your screen/desktop

Capture a new project and prepare the slides for export. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch ActivePresenter.
  2. Click Capture.
  3. Select Full Screen then click OK.
  4. Now each time you click your mouse, or press a key on the keyboard, a screenshot will be taken.
  5. Click the ActivePresenter icon in the system tray, and then click Stop.
  6. Slides will now be generated based on your input.
  7. View each slide and notice the text used in the Name and Group Title property.

ActivePresenter Name Property

Generate automatic documentation

Exporting the project to a document format will include documentation help text. Follow these steps:

  1. Click Export Adobe PDF.
  2. Select the Rendering Options you would like to include, the image format (JPG/PNG), and the output location.
  3. Click OK to being the export process.
  4. Click Yes to view the results in your default PDF reader or open the PDF  from the folder you saved the output.

ActivePresenter Adobe PDF Export with Bookmarks

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