ActivePresenter can capture full screen and convert the output to an Adobe Macromedia Flash Video (.FLV) or Shockwave Movie (.SWF) for easy publishing to the web. With a few clicks, create your presentation and then export the project to Flash or Shockwave. Read below to see how this works.

Export to Flash Video or Shockwave Movie

Read this article to see how to capture fullscreen, then do the following to export the project as an Adobe Flash Video or a Shockwave movie:

  1. Click ExportFlash Video (FLV).
  2. Select the Video and Audio options you desire.
  3. Click Browse, if the extension of the file is .FLV the output will be Flash Video, if the extension is .SWF the output will be a Shockwave Movie.
  4. Click OK to being the export process.

ActivePresenter Export to Adobe Macromedia Flash Video (FLV)

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