ActivePresenter can output a presentation in the following file formats: Audio Video Interleave (.AVI), Windows Media Video (.WMV), and MPEG4 (.MP4). YouTube will accept any of these file types, but will require that the resolution be 720p (1280×720) or higher before it will be available as YouTube HD (high definition). You can read more about the requirements from this YouTube help article.

Export the presentation to MPEG4

Do the following to export your presentation as MPEG4 in preparation for upload to YouTube:

  1. Open ActivePresenter.
  2. Capture a new project, or open an existing project*.
  3. Click ExportVideo (AVI, WMV, MPEG4).
  4. Click Browse, click Save as type, change to MPEG4 video, and then click Save.
  5. Verify that the name is correct under Output file and click OK.

ActivePresenter Export to MPEG4 (MP4)

* Capture full-screen with desktop resolution 1280×720, or capture an application at 1280×720.

Upload and view the video on YouTube

Upload the output file as normal to YouTube. Once YouTube has processed the video completely you will be able to click the red HD icon in the lower right corner to view the high definition version of your video online. Click the image below to see a live example of ActivePresenter output on YouTube.

ActivePresenter Example MPEG4/MP4 output to YouTube HD

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