ActivePresenter 2.0 is now available. The latest version is packed with new and improved features that will help you work faster, and increase the quality of your project. Here is a list of new features and improvements included in this version:

Screen Capture

  • Fixed a bug that could not capture the right-mouse click of some applications.
  • Corrected the size and position of actions when capturing Microsoft Excel.


  • Added a Timeline Panel: Manage timing properties (start time, duration) and objects visually.
  • Insert objects to multiple slides: Allow changing object properties before inserting, auto snap balloons, and hints to default action.
  • Insert slides from images: Allow inserting images as image objects instead of slide background images, so you can edit them easily.
  • Save slide and slide objects as images: Handy feature that can save you time.
  • Added text margins for template balloons, and hints in the Library panel with drag handles.
  • Added support for Microsoft Global Input Method Editors (IMEs).
  • Indicate audio recording with amplitude indicator.
  • Enhanced user interface.

Export Features

  • Added export to Flash Simulation: An easy online distribution and access format, based on the industry leading Adobe Flash platform.
  • Added SCORM Support: Export to SCORM compliant package, an international e-learning standard. Supports both SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 standards.
  • Added export to Microsoft Excel.
  • Added mouse cursor movement, changed behavior of hint objects more properly (show hint when the mouse hovers hint icon) in AJAX/Flash simulation.
  • Video and FLV exporting is faster, especially for projects that contain audio objects.
  • Simplified video/FLV output with a quality slide bar instead of changing technical bit rate parameters.
  • Added scaling support for custom sizes (width and height) for all output formats.
  • Reduced output file size without losing quality, due to PNG image optimization.
  • Added thumbnail support when exporting FlashVideo (FLV).

ActivePresenter 2.0 SCORM Support

ActivePresenter is still available in three editions: Free, Standard and Professional. For a complete list of features, please read the Comparison chart.

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