SoftMaker TextMaker

TextMaker 2021 is fast, powerful and compatible. Just as a good word processor should be. Microsoft Word .DOCX format is a default file format of TextMaker 2021, so you can skip the annoying import and export. You can open documents and templates created with TextMaker in Microsoft Word directly and vice versa.

Any home, academic or business user can create professional looking documents on a fly. Easily create attractive flyers, invitation cards and posters in no time at all using the sophisticated desktop-publishing functions, such as its unique object mode, intelligent object guides, object frames and master pages. Quickly add footnotes and endnotes, bibliographies, cross references, image captions, as well as indexes, tables of contents and tables of figures.

Tremendous design options
TextMaker awakens your creativity! You can place graphics, drawings, text frames etc. freely in the document using the unique object mode. You can not only crop images directly in TextMaker 2021, but also liven them up with manifold effects such as soft shadows, mirror effects, 3D rotations or attractive photo frames.

Dictionary and Spellchecker
The built-in spell checker finds spelling mistakes in more than 75 languages. The ten-language thesaurus helps you find the right words and the automatic hyphenation splits words reliably in 35 languages. SoftMaker Office Professional 2021 adds powerful new Research online function, Zotero support and professional e-books export in EPUB format.

TextMaker 2021 is team-ready
Do you work on a document together with colleagues? TextMaker 2021 tracks all changes which you make to a document. Later, you can either accept or reject these changes, and insert your comments,  no matter whether you work with TextMaker or Word. Equally, you can insert comments, which appear – just as in Word – as balloons in the right-hand margin.

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