SoftMaker PlanMaker

If you have worked with Microsoft Excel, you’ll pick up PlanMaker 2021 immediately. You neither need to re-accustom yourself to new formulas nor to new calculation functions – it is all compatible. It can easily open, view, edit and save .XLS, .XLSX and .XLSM formats, as well as templates in .XLT, .XLTX and .XLTM.

PlanMaker 2021 allows up to one million rows per worksheet. To conquer these huge data sets, you use pivot tables, data consolidation, scenarios, data grouping, AutoFilter and special filters. The new tables inside worksheets can be formatted lightning-fast and allow dynamic adding of data, easy filtering and data analysis.

Designing appealing worksheets
Give your worksheets an elegant look quickly: The new cell-style catalog does that at the touch of a button. With its Excel-style conditional formatting, PlanMaker automatically finds the highest or lowest values in a data set and highlights them in color or with icons. It can also assign a unique color from a gradient to each value in an area and visualize sizes with data bars. Customize every single aspect of your charts. Create budgets, invoices, receipts, expense reports and export them to PDF to share this important information with the world or to archive it in PDF/A format for the long-term preservation of your documents.

Transform plain numbers into informative charts
Present your data instantly using one of the eighty different 3D and 2D Charts. Use transparencies, shadows or light effects to adapt them precisely to your taste. 430+ built-in functions are available to perform date and time, mathematical, statistical, technical and financial calculations, and to do data analysis and logic.

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