Scan2Encrypt Features


Support multiple scanners and webcams
Use any scanner which supports standard TWAIN interface or use your webcam to scan documents and photos into your computer. Scanners can be used in dialog or in a silent mode.

Create fully compatible and searchable Adobe® PDF files
Scan2Encrypt creates searchable, encrypted, Adobe® PDF compatible documents that are viewable with the FREE Adobe® Reader®.

Secure PDF documents with encryption
Use the latest PDF security with 256-bit AES encryption to secure your private document’s content. Use these industry accepted encryption standard to easily protect any document or photo.

Authorize PDF access with password protection
Scan2Encrypt supports two levels of password protection. A password can be configured to protect the document upon opening and a different password can be defined to control any document changes.

Easily control PDF content through permissions
Use PDF document permissions to allow or deny document printing, changing the document, content copying and extraction and more, to effectively protect the document content.

Convert scan to text with optical character recognition (OCR)
Use built-in OCR to convert scan with text into searchable PDF. OCR is based on Tesseract and default language support includes English, German, French and Spanish, more languages can be added on.

Merge multiple pages into one PDF document
Easily scan multiple pages or load images from hard drive and then merge them into one PDF document. Right click the pages to change their order, rotate, delete or add more.

Delete sensitive content
Use redaction tool to permanently delete any sensitive content like social security number, car tag or address before PDF conversion. Use one of  the 4 different colors to mark the deleted content.

Correct your scanned content
Easily crop your scans, automatically de-skew any misaligned text or images on multiple pages to horizontally straighten them and convert whole page to grayscale or to black & white.

Export your scanned pages to graphics format
Right click scanned pages and export them into the most common graphics format, including, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp and others.

Automatically open in your PDF reader
Newly created PDF documents can be automatically opened in your default PDF reader or opened in PDF Impress Tools for further PDF manipulation.

Automatically email your PDF
Scan2Encrypt integrates with Microsoft Outlook for seamless PDF emailing. It also includes built-in SMTP client for sending an e-mail with the PDF attachment through a designated SMTP server.

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