Elegant Art Nouveau Fonts

Elegant Art Nouveau Fonts

Although virtually every design era of the past had some influence on typeface design, the Art Nouveau movement may have directly inspired more typefaces than any other. Art Nouveau typefaces are stylized, elegant display designs, and include embellished stroke endings, very high and low waistlines, diagonal and triangular character shapes, top or bottom weighted stresses, angled crossbars, and in some cases, filigreed initials. Some typefaces have more than one of these distinctive traits.

Elegant Art Nouveau Fonts collection includes fifty delicate fonts in premium quality, with Euro currency sign, and all common umlauts and accented characters used in Western Europe and Americas. In addition, many of the fonts come with an extended character set that also covers the Central & Eastern European and Baltic languages as well as Romanian and Turkish.

Use Art Nouveau Fonts for:  posters, wedding invitations,  advertising material for clothing and beauty products,  music and films CD / DVD covers or advertising media.


Here is a list of all fonts included in this package. Fonts are in a TrueType (.ttf) and OpenType (.otf) formats.

Advertisers Gothic-Italic,  Advertisers Gothic-Regular,  Angelo, Bellboy Pro, Benjamin Pro Cd-Bold, Benjamin Pro Cd-BoldItalic,  Benjamin Pro Cd-Italic, Benjamin Pro Cd-Medium, Benjamin Pro Cd-MediumItalic, Benjamin Pro Cd-Regular, Benjamin Pro-Bold, Benjamin Pro-BoldItalic, Benjamin Pro-Italic, Benjamin Pro-Medium, Benjamin Pro-MediumItalic, Benjamin Pro-Regular, Benson Pro Cd-Bold, Benson Pro Stencil-Bold, Benson Pro-Bold, Benson Pro-Light, Benson Pro-LightItalic, Benson Pro Medium, Cristoforo,  Etienne Pro, Gandalf Pro, Hobo No2-Bold, Hobo No2-Regular, Hobo Pro, Jugendstil Pro, Karin Pro, Kingston Pro-Bold, Kingston Pro-BoldItalic, Kingston Pro-Heavy, Kingston Pro-HeavyItalic, Kingston Pro-Italic,  Kingston Pro-Regular, Kingston Pro-Xbold, Kingston Pro-XboldItalic, Medoc Pro, Pretoria, Siegfried, Sunset Pro-Bold, Sunset Pro-BoldItalic, Sunset Pro-Demi, Sunset Pro-DemiItalic, Sunset Pro-Light, Sunset Pro-LightItalic, Sunset Pro-Medium, Sunset Pro-MediumItalic, Tampico Pro.

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