BinaryNow Presentations

Presentations enables users to create high impact, dynamic presentations, multimedia slideshows, project proposals, interactive reports, and demonstrations. With this alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, open, view and edit presentations (.PPT,.PPS and .PPTX,.PPSX) as well as template (.POT and .POTX) files.


Presentations can be enhanced with graphics, text frames and tables, movies and sounds,  artistic TextArt words and clipart, flowcharts, symbols, drawings, various shapes with AutoShape and OLE objects.

Native PDF export
Convert any presentation into an Adobe PDF file as slides, handouts, notes pages, or an outline view. The native PDF export function allows you to specify how many slides per pager, color or grayscale and more that can be exported to PDF. Easily control PDF preferences, layout, permissions and encryption.

Double-screen support
The speaker can run the presentation on two monitors at the same time. One is for the speaker and the other for the audience, this way the audience will not see what is happening on the primary display. Support for  virtual pen and highlighter,  and a looped presentation in kiosks is available as well.

Export presentation to video or HTML
If you want to distribute your presentation to users who do not have BinaryNow Office, export it into movie (video format .AVI or .WMV) or into .HTML.

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