BinaryNow Office Licensing FAQ

BinaryNow Office licensing allows you to install this product as many times as you wish as long as you have a valid license for each user. Significant cost savings is available with a volume licensing.

Individual and SMB Licensing

The initial 3 user license allows you to use the software on your business computer, home computer and a notebook at the same time.  Volume discount starts already at 10 user level.


bno-licensing-smbEnterprise Licensing

Enterprise License allows installing BinaryNow Office on every computer in your organization without any restrictions (unlimited user license) as long as all computers are belonging to single legal entity/organization. Umbrella corporate license is available for individually owned franchises or an international conglomerates or companies that own independent subsidiaries.

Citrix and Terminal Services

Installation on Citrix or Terminal Services requires a user license for each user that will use the software. BinaryNow Office is licensed per user, NOT per connection. For example: If you have 50 users in your organization, but only 25 concurrent users, you will still need a 50 user license.


To buy or get a quote for BinaryNow Office (Enterprise License), contact us.

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