Premysl Pech and Brandon Sturgeon, co-owners of BinaryNow

The Florida Times-Union has published an article about BinaryNow, below is an excerpt:

In the digital age, a business model can be based on pretty much anything.

Take Jacksonville-based BinaryNow Inc., for example. Its customers buy from the company via their computers using an intangible payment method and receive their intangible product immediately, downloading it directly to their computers.

It’s instant gratification for customers, who get to immediately use the software they’ve just downloaded and installed to their PCs. For Premysl Pech’s BinaryNow, it transitions minding the store to maintaining a Web site that’s at the center of it all.

Today, the office is in Jacksonville Beach, where Pech has rehired two former Software602 employees at BinaryNow, of which he’s president and co-owner. Brandon Sturgeon is his partner in the venture. The new company sells Software602 products for instant download, as well as products from other companies.

You can read the original article here.

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