GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation, a legislation passed by the EU and enforceable as of May 25, 2018. GDPR maintains that data protection is a fundamental human right and it is the responsibility of any company that controls and processes data to protect that right. BinaryNow fully respects its customer’s right to privacy and released new Privacy Policy, which apply to all BinaryNow customers, regardless their origin.

While BinaryNow, Inc. is located in the United States (Jacksonville, FL specifically) with customers mostly in North America, we also serve needs of many customers in EU and other parts of the word.  Alhought new GDPR legislation apply only to customers (data subjects) inside the European Union, BinaryNow believes that most of the data protection rules would be appreciated by our customers worldwide.  We did not only update our own Privacy Policy but also continue updating our website(s) to being compliant with the GDPR elements, cleaning our newsletter subscribers list, use only GDPR compliant software components, and use exclusively partners (data processors) which fully respects GDPR.

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