JACKSONVILLE, FL – BinaryNow, Inc. has updated its product portfolio with SoftMaker Office 2021 for Windows, Mac and Linux, an affordable, lighting-fast and easy to use alternative to Microsoft® Office.

New version of this productivity software includes TextMaker 2021PlanMaker 2021Presentations 2021 and BasicMaker 2021. It offers popular choice of new modern ribbon style or classic menu style user interface.  SoftMaker Office Standard 2021 for only $59.95 can be used on 5 computers in a household. SoftMaker Office Professional 2021 for $79.95 per corporate user is a great choice for any business or organization. Visit BinaryNow online store for more information about purchasing this software:

For an additional information and a free 30 day trial, visit:

SoftMaker Office 2021 for Windows, Mac and Linux is a key product in BinaryNow portfolio. Switchable ribbon style user interface, multi-operating systems support and compatibility with the latest Microsoft open XML formats put SoftMaker Office 2021 on the top of the list of alternative software suites and is a perfect replacement for more expensive counterpart product from industry leader.

Users who purchased license for a SoftMaker Office 2018 or older, Kingsoft Office, BinaryNow Office, Encore Office Suite or 602PC SUITE qualify for a cross upgrade discount. Upgrade price to SoftMaker Office Professional 2021 is only $39.95. For more information visit BinaryNow online store are: http://www.binarynow.com/store/

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