We are pleased to offer PayNearMe, a new payment option for U.S. consumers who prefer to use cash. While the majority of American households use credit cards to purchase products online, 24% of American families do not have credit cards which can make online purchases challenging. PayNearMe gives customers the ability to buy online but pay offline with cash at a local 7-Eleven location. This payment method targets consumers under the age of 18 and customers that are hesitant to disclose their credit card data online.

How does it work?
First a customer orders a product online from our online store and pick PayNearMe as a payment option. When buying with PayNearMe the customer prints a PayNearMe payment slip that contains a barcode, then presents the PayNearMe payment slip at their local 7-Eleven along with the cash payment. After the payment has been completed at the cashier, the merchant is notified in real-time of the received payment and the payment is accepted. A confirmation email is immediately sent to the customer along with the purchased product.

We are thrilled to add this new payment method to our growing list of payment options. As always, we will continue to seek out and implement the most relevant local payment methods for our customers around the globe.

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