The feature limited Microsoft Word Starter 2010 does not support the creation, editing, or running of macros. But even though you cannot use the built-in Print2PDF macro, you can still use the advanced PDF creation functionality of Print2PDF directly. Read more to see how.

Printing from Microsoft Word Starter 2010

Just print directly to the Print2PDF printer to access its features. Do the following:

  1. Launch Microsoft Word Starter 2010.
  2. Open any document you desire.
  3. Click the File tab and then click Print.
  4. Select Print2PDF from the Printer selection.
  5. Now click the Print button to begin the print process.

Microsoft Word Starter 2010 Printing to the Print2PDF printer

NOTE: Please be aware that table of contents (ToC), bookmarks and hyperlink conversion will only be available if you use the included Print2PDF macro.

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