Print2PDF Prepare Custom Client

Use the Print2PDF prepare client feature to create a custom distribution for your organization. This is perfect for installation on computers not connected to the main Print2PDF installation, or if you have problems with the shared network printer installation. After you generate your custom client, the client installation can be done from a simple .exe program distributed via USB flash or a network share.

Steps to correctly generate your custom client

Follow these steps to correctly generate your custom client. Please be aware that if you do not activate your software before you generate the client, all installations with this build will be trial, and will not be activated:

  1. Install the Print2PDF software on your server, or choose a computer that will be considered your main installation.
  2. Activate the software with your purchased license using the Product Activation program from the Print2PDF program group.
  3. Execute the Print2PDF Prepare Client batch script from the Print2PDF program group.

Print2PDF Activation and Prepare Client

NOTE: If you have problems with the prepare client script, it can be found in the following location: %ProgramFiles%\Software602\Print2PDF\Client\prepare-client.bat. Run this script with Administration elevation since it requires write access to a location as a parameter (e.g. prepare-client.bat c:\temp\)

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