Symantec recently released user guide for securing PDF documents with Digital Signature using PDF Impress. Symantec Managed PKI service which uses Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) certificates will ensure document integrity in transit as well as trust in a certificate used to sign documents. PDF Impress can use Symantec certificate to digitally sign one or a several document in a single operation. Just released white paper explain all document security issues as well as provide step by step instructions for creating AATL certificate and use it to signing PDF document(s). Download it here.


PDF Impress 10 can be evaluated with a trial certificate issued from Symantec Manage PKI service or with a Self-Signed certificate created by PDF Impress. These certificate has to be imported into Adobe Reader for authentication purpose. Such import is not required when paid certificates are used from AATL list since these are automatically trusted by Adobe Reader because they were issues but trusted CA.

Learn more and download trial of PDF Impress here.


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