The new Software Usage and Waste Report from 1E offers an exceptional insight into the today’s enterprise desktop and business waste on unused software (Source). BinaryNow’s effective, DRM free and affordable enterprise software licensing provides significant savings to organizations.

This report shows that 93% of average company with 30,000 computers use Adobe Acrobat for their PDF needs. Although this software is loaded on a most of their computers only few employees require it on a daily basis. Adobe Acrobat Professional ended on position 7 with a total waste of $131,340 followed up by Acrobat Standard with average waste of $91,211.00 per organization.


PDF Impress 10 (Enterprise license) provides cost effective alternative to Adobe Acrobat for organizations. In price range from $5,000 to $25,000 the cost savings is obvious. Learn more about your PDF Impress licensing options here and do not forget to check out PDF Impress product page.

Watch following video to learn more:

Download fully functional PDF Impress 30 days trial and complimentary whitepaper about implementing PDF in organizations.

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