PDF Impress Tools 10 can use any scanner or webcam to convert hard copies of documents and photos into PDF files. Merge multiple scans, image files or shots from webcam into one PDF document with ease, convert into searchable text with multi-language OCR, and automatically load it in PDF Impress Tools for further PDF manipulation.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Turn on your scanner or webcam.
  2. Launch PDF Impress Tools application and click on Load Document icon in the left top corner.
  3. Pick the Device, OCR and File placement and click Next Arrow on the bottom right (Note: This step is required only when you use scanner or web cam first time.
  4. When your scanner software starts, scan your document.
  5. Use any of the image filter and tools (e.g. crop, redact, deskew, convert to grayscale, convert to black & white)
  6. Click on the Next Arrow on the bottom right and your PDF file will be opened in PDF Impress Tools.
  7. Perform any tasks on PDF by clicking on the icons on a PDF Impress Tools toolbar.
  8. Click on Save or Save As icon to save your document.


Note: Support for scanning with OCR was introduced in PDF Impress 10. Previous 2014 and 2013 versions qualify for upgrade discount.

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