Print2PDF is now available. This update is free for all previous 8.x customers. The list of new additions are:

  • [Localization] Added Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, and Swedish localization.
  • [Watcher] Added support for SHA1 hashes on the XML report template.
  • [Service Manager] Optimized how print monitor threads are started, this prevents unneeded print2pdf.exe processes from running.
  • [Service Manager] Fixed a problem that prevented some threads from starting after a service restart.
  • [Save As Dialog] Fixed the Save As dialog to show on the foreground of 64-bit operating systems.
  • [Stamp] Added the ability to place the Stamp on any page (accepts list delimited by comma, e.g. 1,3,8).
  • [Stamp] Fixed an error that caused Stamp placement errors on a client installation.
  • [Stamp] Fixed a limitation while using landscape printing and a Stamp.
  • [Batch Conversion] Fixed an error that prevented file names with international characters to not convert correctly.
  • [Batch Conversion] Fixed command line conversion (print2pdf.exe /iniconvert).
  • [Merge] Fixed a problem merging PDF/A.
  • [Watermark] Fixed a problem that sometimes caused the Watermark to be truncated while printing landscape.
  • [Shared Printer] Fixed a problem with adding the shared printer to a client on build
  • [Other] Fixed paper size limitations on the Watermark, Stamp and Digital Signature image.

Learn more about Print2PDF 8.0 from the product website.

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