Print2PDF is now available. This update is free for all previous 8.x customers. The list of new additions and fixes are:

  • [Stamp] Added support for stamping with an Adobe PDF file with transparency support.
  • [Merge] Added better error reporting when an error occurs during merging.
  • [Service Manager] Improved the efficiency of working with many Watch Threads.
  • [Service Manager] Improved the Watch Threads to check for the existence and accessibility of the input folder, output folder and log file.
  • [Digital ID] Improved the certificate selection process to differentiate between two certificates with the same “Issued to” value.
  • [Service Manager] Removed unneeded IIS errors when uninstalling the Windows Service.
  • [Watcher] Fixed the POP3 conversion error routine to fail if one attachment in the e-mail payload does not convert.
  • [Watcher] Fixed crashing on certain .EML files.
  • [Watcher] Fix the tab order on the Input dialog.
  • [Watcher] Fixed the “Reply to sender” feature.
  • [Watcher] Fixed the conversion of e-mail messages from POP3 that have an .EML attachment (e.g. Forward as Attachment).
  • [Batch Conversion] Fixed errors generated when attempting to convert a file without an extension.
  • Prepare Client] Fixed the client creation script on Non-English Windows.
  • [Prepare Client] Fixed some minor client installation issues relating to Windows Vista and Citrix.

Learn more about Print2PDF 8.0 from the product website.

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