Note: PDF Impress 10 released. See what is new here.

PDF Impress 2014 is a second generation of a replacement product for discontinued Print2PDF virtual printer. Here is a list of new features available only to PDF Impress 2014 users. See what was new in PDF Impress 2013 here.  30 days trial will work on the same PC as Print2PDF so download yours now.


Access, Manipulate and Convert Documents in a Workroom
Designed with the familiar File Explorer user interface and functionality, it provides easy way to access, organize and batch convert documents. PDF Impress Workroom allows quick one click conversion or a conversion with profile allowing users to define the conversion process on a fly. Users can apply any task directly to a group of documents and digital signing is just a click away.

Manipulate PDF documents with a PDF Impress Tools
Standalone PDF Impress Tools will not only replace Adobe Reader by previewing and printing the content of the PDF files, but it also allows adding watermarks, stamps,  attachments, document information (metadata), security (encryption and permissions) and digital signature. Users can insert, remove, rotate and extract pages, optimize PDF and setup page layout. PDF documents can also be exported to JPEG, TIFF, PNG or HTML5. PDF Impress Tools can be opened as your default PDF reader or it can start on right click, through start up menu or from PDF Impress Workroom.

Create PDF Signature or Stamp Visualization
Signature and Stamp tasks allow creating signature visualization by using webcam or simply by typing your name. Such image of hand written signature can be used on any page and any location in a document or even on multiple pages if used with Stamp task. Multiple different stamps can be applied to the same document. When you use Digital Signature, image will be included into Digital Signature Appearance together with your custom Text (e.g. date, signer name, etc.).

Right click conversion and digital signing
Set up a default profile for right click PDF Impress Quick convert feature or choose your profile from right click menu. Right click any PDF file in File Explorer or in PDF Impress Workroom and digitally sign it with just few clicks using your digital signature from Microsoft Certificate Store.

More environment variables
Create a watermark with a variable content (e.g. page number, date, time, etc.)  or use a operating system environment variable in Save PDF path to unified your PDF storage location in your organizations. Visual helper activated on right click will insert variable from pull down menu.

Better process automation
Integrate Email and Print task into your conversion workflow. Email multiple PDF documents in one email or print hard copies for archive, all with a one click process.

Choose your language with a multi-language support
PDF Impress 2014 user interface is available in Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian. Users can easily add a new language(s) using a localization kit.

Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Office 2013 support
PDF Impress 2014 was fully tested with the latest operating systems and productivity suite. It passed Microsoft Windows Certification for Windows 8.1, 8.0 and 7.0.

Learn more and download trial from PDF Impress product page.

Note: PDF Impress 10 is completely redesigned product, not just renamed Print2PDF. We recommend evaluating free trial before you place your order.

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