PDF Impress 10 is a third generation of a replacement product for discontinued Print2PDF virtual printer. Here is a list of new features available only to PDF Impress 10 users. See what was new in PDF Impress 2014 and PDF Impress 2013.  30 days trial will work on the same PC as Print2PDF so download yours now.


Scan your documents and images directly into PDF Impress Tools
Use any scanner or webcam to convert hard copies of your documents and photos into PDF files. Merge multiple scans, image files or shots from webcam into one PDF document with ease and automatically open it in PDF Impress Tools for further PDF manipulation.

Convert scan to text with optical character recognition (OCR)
Use built-in OCR to convert scan or image file with text into searchable PDF. OCR is based on Tesseract and default language support includes English, German, French and Spanish, more languages can be added on by user.

Import graphics format into PDF Impress Tools
Load document menu in PDF Impress Tools allows to select image file, perform various filtering, content reduction, OCR and other editing before converting it into PDF and merging with a current content in Tools.

Export to TXT from PDF Impress Tools
Additionally to graphic formats, you can now export PDF content into text (.txt) format directly from PDF Impress Tools Save as menu.

Extract selected text in PDF Impress Tools
Easily select any text in PDF document and then right click and click on COPY (or use shortcut CTRL+C) to copy selected text into clipboard for further processing.

Windows 10 support
PDF Impress 10 was fully tested and is certified with the latest operating systems and productivity suites.

Developer Guide
Added pragmatic (API) access to all new features through Windows registry allowing simple integration with third party applications. PDF Impress 10 Developer Guide was released.

Learn more and download trial from PDF Impress product page.

Note: PDF Impress 10 is completely redesigned product, not just renamed Print2PDF. We recommend evaluating free trial before you place order.


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