BinaryNow partnered with THQ (ValuSoft) on creating a custom package, which includes single user Print2PDF 9.1 printer, for a retail stores in North America.  As of January 2012, Print2PDF is available in Office Depot, Fry’s Electronics and many other retail chains in USA. You can find it on the shelves with other jewel case packages for a price of $9.99 (price may vary).  Vast availability, affordable price and professional design make the Print2PDF a perfect fit for home and SOHO user who is looking for easy PDF conversion from any application on their Windows PC. If you are looking for PDF conversion utility for an organization then download the trial from the web site (it is more tailored to a group use).

Notes: Retail store(s) which would like to carry this item, please contact THQ (ValuSoft) or BinaryNow sales team and we will help you to initiate your new business relationship with them.

If you see Print2PDF in your local store, please post the store name, location and time to this post.

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