BinaryNow, Inc. announces end of sale and end of life for Software602 Print2PDF 9.5 and any older versions of this product line. The last date to order a new license or an upgrade will be September 30, 2012. Print2PDF 9.5 will no longer be for sale after this deadline. All customers using Print2PDF 8.x or older are recommended to upgrade to the up-to-date version before this deadline at:

Why is Print2PDF 9.5 going EoL?

We received notice from Software602, Inc. (original vendor) that development and distribution of Print2PDF printer will end on September 30, 2012.

Is there a follow-on or replacement product available?

Yes, there is. BinaryNow, Inc. will introduce PDF Impress 2013 next month. Customers using mainly virtual printer are welcomed to evaluate this product when available. PDF Impress will include virtual printer, watch folder, drag and drop conversion, PDF Tools for document manipulation and more. Beta version is due on October 1, 2012. Customers using Print2PDF service, watch pop3, web service and web application are recommended to continue using Print2PDF 9.5 till suitable replacement is offered.

Update: PDF Impress 2013 was upgraded to 2014 version and in September 2015  BinaryNow, Inc. released a PDF Impress 10. Learn more and download trial here. PDF Impres 10 is recommended product for all Print2PDF and 602Pro Print Pack users.


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