Print2PDF is now available for download. This update is free for all previous 9.x users. 8.0 and previous version users qualify for upgrade discount. The list of new feature additions and bug fixes are as follows:

  • [Digital ID] Added support of PAdES BES signature format
  • [Digital ID] Added support for grayscale images in Digital ID appearance
  • [Digital ID] Fixed error requiring PIN twice when signing digitally
  • [Digital ID] Fixed description column value in Select Digital ID dialog
  • [Digital ID] Fixed PDF/A conformance issues in signature appearance
  • [Digital ID] Fixed crashing when when selected certificate has been removed
  • [Digital ID] Fixed preview update when signature visualization text changed
  • [Digital ID, SDK] Fixed ChooseCert and TSA_Pass configuration options
  • [Digital ID, SDK] Fixed reading of PDF signature options
  • [Timestamp] Added time stamping support for password protected files
  • [Timestamp] Fixed SecuStamp account usage values update on profile change
  • [Web Service] Fixed random hang-up in Print2PDF Web Application/Service.
  • [Debug logging] Fixed memory leak occurring when debug logging was switched on.
  • [Batch Conversion] Added MSIE_header and MSIE_footer options in HTML file conversion
  • [Batch Conversion] Fixed PrintFormat and PrintOrientation options not working in HTML conversion
  • [Batch Conversion] Fixed conversion of multi-page TIFF files (all pages replaces by first page)
  • [MSI Package] Fixed Print2PDF dispatch COM object registration on x64 platforms
  • [MSI Package] Fixed transfer of time stamp authority configuration to client machines
  • [Conversion] Fixed hang-up when multiple users print under Windows Terminal Server sessions
  • [Conversion] Fixed hang-up when printing simultaneously from multiple applications
  • [Conversion] Fixed wrong page rotation when creating PDF
  • [Conversion] Removed diacritics stripping from PDF attachment file names
  • [Conversion] Enabled simultaneous opening of PDF viewer and new email window
  • [Conversion] Fixed random hang-up when printing from 64 bit applications
  • [PDF manipulation] Added Rotate Pages option to page manipulation utility
  • [PDF manipulation] Fixed Runtime error when opening zero page PDF file
  • [Installation] Fixed error setting Software602 Print2PDF printer as default after each installation
  • [E-mail] Added multiple recipient support when using Microsoft Outlook
  • [Security] Fixed PDF open/owner password not working in Adobe Acrobat/Reader when used international characters

Learn more about Print2PDF 9.5 from the product website.

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