Print2PDF is now available for download. This update is free for all previous 9.x users. 8.0 and previous version users  qualify for upgrade discount. The list of new feature additions and bug fixes are as follows:

  • [Batch Conversion] Added support for user metadata transfer from Microsoft Word to PDF XMP metadata
  • [Digital ID] Added separate timestamp (without digital signature). Supported by Adobe Reader X.
  • [Digital ID] Added verification of digital signature appearance area and visualization options
  • [Digital ID] Added warning to show existing digital signatures while adding new digital signature
  • [Digital ID] Added button to set default signature image for signature appearance
  • [Digital ID] Fixed wrong time in digital signature appearance while daylight saving time is active
  • [Digital ID] Fixed crash when digitally signing password protected PDF
  • [Digital ID] Fixed broken PDF/A validity of PDF signed with digital signature appearance
  • [Digital ID] Fixed an error causing wrong digital signature when user cancels using of certificate with high security enabled
  • [Digital ID] Fixed logic of digital signature appearance options
  • [PDF Attachments] Fixed an error with not opening PDF attachments when more than one file were attached
  • [PDF Attachments] Fixed incorrect stripping of diacritical marks in filename of PDF attachments
  • [Watermark] Fixed wrong watermark positioning
  • [MSI Package] Fixed update service and URL in MSI installation
  • [MSI Package] Fixed installation of Microsoft Office macros on 64bit operating systems
  • [PDF Viewer] Fixed an error causing PDF viewer not working when COM object is not registered
  • [Save As Dialog] Fixed a post processing error 0x8004ffff when converting files containing diacritic marks in filename
  • [Watcher] Fixed output PDF saving while sending by e-mail allowed
  • [Watcher] Fixed sending only one message when checked converting each mail attachment as separate PDF

Software602 Print2PDF 9

Learn more about Print2PDF 9.1 from the product website.

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