Note: Print2PDF was discontinued, users can upgrade to PDF Impress.

Print2PDF can easily convert a Microsoft Word 2000/XP/2003/2007/2010 document into an Adobe PDF while preserving the table of contents and hyperlinks. The included macro is designed to analyze the document structure and output the PDF, complete with hyperlinks and bookmarks with correct level hierarchy.

Microsoft Word document with table of contents

Label your bookmark headings with the styles Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, etc. To insert a table of contents, just navigate to where you want the TOC to appear and click InsertReferenceIndex and Tables. Once the Index and Tables dialog opens, click the Table of Contents tab, then click OK. If you are using Word 2007, click the References tab and select a Table of Contents format from the list.

Microsoft Word 2007 document with Table of Contents

Convert a Microsoft Word document using the Print2PDF macro

To begin document conversion in Microsoft Word, just click the Print2PDF macro on the toolbar. If you are using Word 2007 or 2010, click the Print2PDF tab and select Create PDF. Save the file as normal from the Save As PDF dialog (you can add other features if you like, e.g. encryption, digital ID, etc.).

Print2PDF Macro in Microsoft Word 2007

View output PDF in Adobe Reader

When you view the converted document in Adobe Reader you will see that bookmarks were created based on the table of contents in the Word document. You can click the bookmarks from the bookmark tab on the left or from the physical table of contents page on the right.

View PDF with bookmarks in Adobe Reader

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