Create a single PDF document from multiple sources (web pages, e-mail, Microsoft Word, Excel etc.) to deliver one document that anyone can open. When you attempt to overwrite a PDF file, PDF Impress Extended Save As dialog will prompt you to overwrite or merge the output to the current PDF.

To merge PDF files using PDF Impress Extended Save As Dialog, do the following:

    1. Create the first PDF file as normal.
    2. Print the second document to the PDF Impress printer and attempt to overwrite the first PDF by selecting it in the Extended Save As dialog. Then click Save.
    3. The Overwrite or Merge dialog will appear. This dialog will allow you to replace the original file with the new file or merge the new file with the original document.
    4. Click OK to confirm all settings and create the merged PDF.


Overwrite the file:Will replace the original file with the new file.
Add unique suffix: New document will be created with a unique suffix added to the name.
Merge before the first page: Will merge the new file before the first page in the original document.
Merge after the last page: Will merge the new file after the last page in the original document.
Insert on page: Will insert the new file on the selected page in the original document.

NOTE: PDF Impress can also insert or remove pages from PDF file, or extract pages into new PDF file using PDF Impress Tools or Workroom or Add, Remove and Extract Pages tasks in profiles or watchers. To access these features, click on the WorkroomTools, Profiles or Watchers icon in the main PDF Impress menu.

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