Note: Print2PDF was discontinued and replaced by PDF Impress.

Print2PDF 9 can add PDF file into another PDF file, insert or remove pages from PDF file, or extract pages into new PDF file. Extract function can be also easily used to split PDF document into two or more. To access these features, click on the Add, Extract or Remove PDF Pages icon in the main Print2PDF menu

Inserting Pages
This feature allows you to merge two PDF documents into a single file by inserting the entire content of the first PDF document into any location in another PDF document.

Removing Pages
This option allows you to delete a particular page or pages from a PDF document.

Extracting Pages
This feature allows you to extract one or more pages from an existing PDF document into a new PDF document. You can choose whether you want to keep the extracted pages in the original document or whether you want to have the pages removed from the original document.

Note: Be careful when checking the Delete pages after extraction option:
– If left unchecked, the original file will be retained without any changes and the program will create a new file, which will contain the page or pages that were extracted from the original file.
– If you check this option, the program will basically split the original file by removing the extracted pages and saving them into a new file.

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