PDF Impress 2014 is a complete multi-language PDF conversion solution that supports 13+ languages. You can now have a mix of user languages, all based on one simple software distribution.

PDF Impress supported languages: Czech (Česky), English, French (Français), German (Deutsch), Italian (Italiano), Portuguese (Português), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian (Pусский), Slovak (Slovenčina), Spanish (Español – Spain),  Spanish (Español -Mexico), Swedish (Svenska) and Turkish (Türkçe).

How to Change Interface Language.

You can easily change the language of the interface (Extended Save As, PDF Impress, PDF Impress Tools, PDF Impress printer and Watcher dialogs) from the PDF Impress Settings tab as follows:

  1. Open the PDF  Impress 2014 application.
  2. Click in Settings.
  3. Select the Language you wish to change into (e.g. Spanish (Mexico)).



Note: If your user interface  language is not change instantly, you may need to log off, or restart the computer for these changes to take effect. If you do not see your language in the  pull down menu, add it through localization kit.

Download PDF Impress trial here.

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