PDF Impress 2014.59.17.187 is available for download. Pricing now starts at $79.95 for 3 user license. This update is free for all previous PDF Impress 2014 commercial license users. PDF Impress 2013 and PDF Impress 2014 giveaway license users qualify for an upgrade discount. The list of new feature additions and bug fixes are as follows:

  • Completely redesigned PDF Impress printer driver with improved speed and stability.
  • Add conversion monitoring in a new printer driver.
  • Improved quality of images conversion.
  • Improved a debug log with an additional entries.
  • Updated PDF Impress user manual/help with a corrected syntax for a command line conversion.
  • Fixed the problem when printing from Microsoft Excel (error: “Your file could not be printed due an error on PDF Impress.”
  • Fixed a non-admin user printing under Terminal Services.
  • Fixed a random print spooler crashing when PDF Impress printer was used.
  • Fixed support for empty password in Security task when using also a Digital Signature task and conversion is done in Workroom or Convert to PDF folder.
  • Fixed the issue with Email task option when “Send All documents from one conversion batch in single email.” was selected.
  • Fixed the issue when multiple files were converted with a right click using profile with Email task.
  • Fixed a localization of pull down menu including page range and page orientation.
  • Fixed the installation on a Windows® Server 2003 x64.


Learn more and download trial of PDF Impress 2014 from the product web site.

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