PDF Impress 2014.44.21.156 is available for download. Pricing now starts at $79.95 for 3 user license. This update is free for all previous PDF Impress 2014 commercial license users. PDF Impress 2013 and PDF Impress 2014 giveaway license users qualify for an upgrade discount. The list of new feature additions and bug fixes are as follows:

  • Add support for using source image aspect ratio for paper size during image conversion in Printing Preferences task (e.g. right click on image will now keep the same paper size in new PDF file)
  • Add automatic paper size definition based on user location during the installation (Letter vs A4).
  • Added Ukrainian (Ukraine) user interface localization.
  • Improved French (France) user interface localization.
  • Improved image DPI preservation during conversion.
  • Fixed stamping with .jpg, .tiff and .gif files when using Profiles, Watchers or adding stamp in Extended Save as dialog.
  • Fixed the issue with incorrect zoom in Watermark and Stamp tasks.
  •  Fixed the truncated output and corrupted PDF issue when printed from SAP Crystal Reports Viewer 2008 (Adobe Reader error: There was an error processing a page).
  • Fixed image(s) conversion in Watcher.
  • Fixed Scan once option in Input Settings in Watcher.
  • Fixed installation process (random spooler crash) during upgrade.


Learn more and download trial of PDF Impress 2014 from the product web site.

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