PDF Impress 2013.25.30.065 is now available for download. This update is free for all previous PDF Impress 2013 users. Print2PDF 9.5 and previous version users qualify for an upgrade discount. The list of new feature additions and bug fixes are as follows:

  • Add PDF Impress 2013 Localization Kit to allow translation of the user interface.
  • Improved Extended Save As dialog. Location of last saved file and right (tasks) windows status (on/off) is now saved and used with next print.
  • Improved Extended Save As dialog with a Cancel button.
  • Improved Slovak (Slovakia) localization strings.
  • Fixed issues when page orientation in Microsoft Office applications did not match the page orientation in printer. The application page orientation is used now.
  • Fixed problem when default setting were not overwritten in Extended Save As dialog (e.g. default text in watermark task).
  • Fixed problem when default tasks could not overwritten in PDF Impress on Windows 8 (e.g. default text in watermark task).
  • Fixed crashes related to changing page orientation in Microsoft Office 2010 on Windows 8.
  • Fixed application crash (e.g. WordPad, Notepad, etc.) when changing printer preferences on Windows 8.
  • Fixed Open in PDF reader feature in Extended Save As dialog.
Learn more about PDF Impress 2013 from the product web site.

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