PDF Impress 2013.25.06.060 is now available for download. This update is free for all previous PDF Impress 2013 users. Print2PDF 9.5 and previous version users qualify for upgrade discount. The list of new feature additions and bug fixes are as follows:

  • Added right click conversion in Windows explorer. PDF Impress Quick convert and PDF Impress with profiles menu will show up when you right click supported document(s).
  • Added Quick Convert option into Settings to allow setting up a default profile for right click PDF Impress Quick convert feature.
  • Added built-in SMTP client in Email task for direct sending e-mail with PDF attachment to the designated SMTP server. Three methods are supported now: Launch Microsoft email client, Send silently using Outlook email client and Send directly to SMTP server.
  • Added support for all environment path variables supported by operating systems in Save PDF task (e.g. %Desktop%, %Temp%. etc.).
  • Added support for environment dynamic variables in Watermark and other tasks (%DATETIME%, %DATE%, %TIME%, %YEAR%, %MONTH%, %DAY%, %HOUR%, %MINUTE%, %SECOND%, %PAGENUM%, and %TOTALPAGES%).
  • Add warning “Document locked by another application” when trying merge PDF with PDF document already opened in reader.
  • Added Slovak (Slovak Republic) localization. More languages will be available later this year.
  • Improved Extended Save As dialog with a direct access to all tasks to allow profile changing during the PDF file saving process.
  • Improved Save PDF to folder and Default file name entries. If left blank, PDF Impress will use the original file name a location when possible (%ORIGINAL%).
  • Improved manual / help with the latest feature enhancements.
  • Improved text description in Merge dialog used after Extended Save As dialog when merging into already created PDF file.
  • Improved rendering in PDF Tools viewer.
  • Improved encryption with AES 256 Revision 6 (32000-2, aka PDF 2.0) Encryption to fully support Adobe Reader X standards.
  • Fixed conversion from Microsoft PowerPoint in landscape mode.
  • Fixed stamping issue when LZW TIFF image format was used.
  • Fixed incorrect mask in open dialog in Convert to PDF. Only supported formats will show up now.
  • Fixed uninstallation issue when .msi files were not deleted.
  • Passed Microsoft Windows Certification for Windows 8 and Windows 7.
Learn more about PDF Impress 2013 from the product web site.

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