PDF Impress 10 (build #252) user interface is available in Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal), Russian, Slovak, Spanish (Mexico, Spain, International), Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian. You can now have a mix of user languages, all based on one simple software distribution. Following translations are partially done and can be finalized by users using this localization kit.

  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian

Persian (Farsi) localization is available upon request. By following the instructions in the Localization kit, you will be able to produce a localized version of PDF Impress in your native language. English language resources are used as the base for your localization work.


Please perform the following steps to localize the software:

  1. Download and install PDF Impress 10 (version or newer).
  2. Download and unzip PDF Impress 10 Localization Kit.
  3. Read PDF_Impress_10_Localization_Kit.pdf document.
  4. Run Qt Linguist, open your language file (e.g. de-DE.ts) and translate all the strings in this file into your native language.
  5. Export your work using Release As option in File menu (e.g. de-DE.qm).
  6. Copy just created .qm file into PDF Impress folder.
  7. Run PDF Impress and change language in Settings menu.
  8. Verify that all menus/dialogues are translated correctly.

PDF Impress languages (*.qm) files use RFC 5646 standard naming. More information is here:


Note: If you do not see your language file (.ts) in the Localization Kit (zip), contact BinaryNow and we will provide it to you. Contact us in the case that you want to share your final translation with other users and include it in official BinaryNow distribution. We will include your name in credit section in an About dialog if your translation if used with others.

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