PDF Impress is available for download. Pricing starts at $79.95 for 3 user license. This update is free for all previous PDF Impress 10 commercial license users. PDF Impress older versions and giveaway license users qualify for an upgrade discount. The list of new feature additions and bug fixes are as follows:

  • Added support for a digital signing with signatures stored at SafeNet eToken 5100 usb token or smartcard device
  • Added support for a chain of trust in certificate purchased from Symantec Managed PKI or other Adobe approved providers (Signature identity is valid in Adobe Reader and show Source of Trust obtained from Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL)
  • Added a transparent background to a visual appearance of a digital signature
  • Added various error messages to improve digital signing process
  • Updated process of signing from Windows Certificate store which now does not require an exportable certificate
  • Improved Stamp task with a transparency support in png, gif and tif formats
  • Improved Stamp task with a transparency support for social media and stamps grouping
  • Improved speed of data entry into fields in a Digital Signature task
  • Improved quality of Text appearance in a digital signature Visual Appearance
  • Fixed an issue with adding digital signature to a print process on x64 operating systems
  • Fixed “Not responding” warning in window title after clicking on Select button in Digital Signature task
  • Fixed an issue when “Insert on” field in Signature Appearance did not record inserting a page number
  • Fixed downloading with Internet Explorer (IE) and showing “The signature of pdfimpress10.exe is corrupt or invalid.


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