PDF Impress can add multiple electronic digital IDs to PDF. This will allow you to verify and approve expense reports or any documents which need to be approved by more than one reader.

Read below to see how you can approve expense reports.

Create PDF file with expense report and sign it with your digital certificate /ID.

Print any document or spreadsheet to the PDF Impress printer (e.g. from Microsoft Excel) and do the following to add a digital signature:

  1. Click Add a new task to conversion settings in Extended Save as dialog.
  2. Pick Digital Signature task from menu.
  3. Click Select… and select your Certificate from the list, then click OK.
  4. Enter the Reason for signing this document, Location and Contact information.
  5. Click on Apply task and save document icon in the bottom right corner.

Verify original petitioner and approve expense report with your digital signature.

  1. Open PDF document in Adobe Reader.
  2. Verify the expense report and the original digital signature of petitioner.
  3. Close the Above Reader and right click the document.
  4. Click Digital Signature… to add yours digital signature to approve the report.
  5. User Create button  to create Appearance image  if desired.
  6. Click on Apply task and save document icon in the bottom right corner.


View PDF document

If you open such PDF document in free Adobe Reader and click the Signatures tab on the left you will see the details on the both digital signatures added by PDF Impress. You can send PDF document through multiple cycles and collect multiple digital signatures to the PDF file with simple right click function.

Download PDF Impress trial here.

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