PDF Impress can manipulate the contents of your PDF files in multiple ways without going back to the source document. PDF Tools (standalone or integrated) can manipulate a single PDF document at a time.  If you need to edit multiple PDF documents use Workroom, right click in Windows Explorer, Convert To PDF or Watcher.


Following features are used to open and save documents in PDF Tools:

Scan to PDF – Use a Create PDF from scanner or webcam feature and load content directly from your  device.

Open to PDF – Use a Load document feature  to open PDF or one of six graphics format into PDF Impress Tools.

Export to common graphics, TXT or HTML 5 – Use a Save Document feature and convert any PDF file into .JPEG, .TIFF, .PNG, .TXT or HTML 5 format.

Following tasks are currently supported by PDF Tools:

Watermark –The watermark task allows adding a watermark to all or selected pages of the document. It will identify the content of the document to the reader (e.g Draft, Confidential, etc.). You can choose text you want to apply, select a font, text orientation, visibility, and specify where the watermark will appear in the document. Support for variables is available.

Stamp – Inserting a stamp provides a great opportunity to brand documents with a company logo, official stamp, any other image or  social media icons with links to social network sites. This task can be added multiple times. You can choose an image from your computer or library, set its layer, placement, size, rotation, opacity and a place you want to insert it on.

Attachment – The attachments task provides the opportunity to attach other files as PDF page-level attachments so the reader can open them while viewing the PDF document.

Insert pages – Choose any page(s) from PDF document and add them into other PDF document. You can use this feature to insert standard cover sheet or signature page to every PDF document you create.

Remove Pages – Remove Pages task allows delete page from existing PDF document.

Rotate Pages – Easily rotate individual pages in the PDF document with this task. You can select the page range and page orientation (type) to pick only pages you want to rotate.

Extract Pages – Easily extract page(s) from the PDF document and store them into a separate PDF file using this task. It can also be used to split PDF document into more files.

Optimize – Advanced optimization options are available. PDF file may contain a lot of interactive elements (annotations, links etc.). Optimization task allows you to remove unwanted elements from PDF file and therefore decrease the file size.

Document Information – PDF document information is metadata that can be used to effectively search and organize PDF documents. Search engines commonly use metadata to effectively index a document.

Page Layout – This task determines which panes and tabs are displayed in the Adobe Reader application when PDF document is opened.

Security – This will allow you to limit access to contents in PDF document(s). Adding security to a PDF document provides powerful RC4 or 256 bitt AES encryption, password protection options and permissions control.

Digital Signature – Adding a Digital Signature will ensure the recipient that the PDF document came from you and that you will vouch for the content. The Digital ID will also provide tamper-resistance so the recipient can detect unauthorized changes.

Print – Easily print your PDF document on  printer available in your operating system using this task.

You can download free 30 day trial of PDF Impress here. If you want to learn more download PDF Impress User Manual.

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