Easily extract one or multiple pages from the PDF file and store them into a separate PDF document(s) using PDF Impress Tools.  Extracted pages can be automatically removed from original file and merged into one PDF document. It also allows automatic extracting PDF pages during the conversion process by adding Extract Page task into your Profile.  Batch process Extract Pages is supported through Watcher, Workroom or through Convert to PDF folder in PDF Impress.

Follow these steps to extract PDF page(s) from your PDF document:

  1. Launch the PDF Impress Tools application.
  2. Click on Load document icon and browse to the PDF document.
  3. Click on Extract Pages icon.
  4. Select Range*.
  5. Click the “” and select Save to folder location and define a Default file name.
  6. Click Apply task and save document icon on the bottom right.


*Select range: Specify pages from a PDF file you want to extract. You can use predefined values such as First page, Last page, All pages, Even pages, Odd pages or you can enter exact numbers to define pages. For example 1,4, 8-14 would mean that the first page and then pages 4, 8,9,10,11,12,13 and 14 will be extracted from a PDF file.
Save to folder: Click the “” button to browse your computer and select the folder where the extracted files will be saved. You can also use environment path variables.
Default file name: Define a prefix for a file name. Task will create files with a name based on this prefix.
Remove extracted pages from original file. Once a page is extracted, it can be removed from the original file by selecting this check box.
Split to multiple files based on select range. When more than one page will be extracted, you can use this check box to specify if you want to create individual files for every page or have the page selections saved in one single file. If the split option is used then the file name of each individual file will be constructed from the default file name followed by a page number.

Learn more about PDF Impress here.

Tip: Save to Folder and Default file name entries support environmental variables. Simply right click a field and pick variable from a menu. Read user manual for more details.

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