When you merge content from several documents, you may end up with pages of information you don’t need. Sometime you may need to remove a blank page in your resume created in PDF format to make it look sharper. Other day you may need to delete a whole chapter (e.g. pages 300-350) in a book you wrote or remove all odd pages with pictures in your school project. PDF Impress can easily delete a single cover page or group of pages from your PDF. It also allows removing PDF pages during the conversion process by adding Remove Page task into your Profile. Batch process Remove Pages is supported through Watcher, Workroom or through Convert to PDF folder in PDF Impress.

Follow these steps to delete PDF page(s) from your PDF document:

  1. Launch the PDF Impress Tools application.
  2. Click on Load document icon and browse to the PDF document.
  3. Click on Remove Pages icon.
  4. Select Range*.
  5. Click Apply task icon on the bottom right.
  6. Review all changes in a main window and then click on Save Document icon on the top bar.


* Select range: Specify pages from the PDF file you want to remove. You can use predefined values such as First page, Last page, Even pages, Odd pages or you can enter exact numbers to define pages. For example 1, 3-5 would mean that the first page and then pages 3, 4 and 5 will be removed from the new PDF file.

Learn more and download PDF Impress trial here.

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