PDF Impress is an easy-to-use PDF printer with an E-mail task feature. This allows you to create an Adobe PDF from any application that can print and automatically attach the PDF to an e-mail. Microsoft Outlook email client can be automatically launched with PDF document attached to a new message or an e-mail with PDF attachment can be sent silently using the Outlook e-mail client settings and just to generate an invoice. Sending e-mail with PDF attachment directly through SMTP server is also possible. This article will explain how to setup PDF Impress to send PDF output using Microsoft Outlook.

Print to the PDF Impress printer to create PDF document.

Do the following to print any document to the PDF Impress printer:

  1. Open the document.
  2. Click File – Print .
  3. Select the PDF Impress printer.
  4. Click Print.

Send PDF file via Microsoft Outlook using E-mail task in PDF Impress.

Do the following:

  1. From the PDF Impress Extended Save As dialog, click the “+”.
  2. Add E-mail task.
  3. For Method, select Microsoft Outlook email client.
  4. Now click Save to save your PDF document and automatically launch Outlook with PDF attachment.
  5. Type email address to To…, whatever content you want to Subject: and Body and click Send.


Note: E-mail task can be added to any profile or watcher. This way all created PDF files with such profile will automatically launch Outlook.  The value of Subject and Body may be pre-setup with static text or environmental variables from right click context menu. When converting multiple files from Workroom, Convert to PDF folder or Watcher, PDF Impress will allow sending each individual PDF in separate email or attach all files to the single email.

Download PDF Impress trial here.

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