PDF Impress is an easy-to-use PDF virtual printer with a real-life Print task feature. This allows you to print your documents on a physical printer from any application while you automatically create a PDF archive of them in one step simple process. You can add Print task to any of your PDF profiles and when you use such profile, newly created PDF documents will be automatically printed on associated printer. This task also allows automated PDF documents printing when use with Watcher, Workroom or batch conversion directly from File Explorer by right clicking multiple files.

Follow these instructions to add Print task to your profile:

  1. Launch PDF Impress and click on the Profile on the top.
  2. Click on the Profile you want to add Print task to and then on Edit selected profile.
  3. Click Add task and pick Print.
  4. Select a physical printer in pull down menu.
  5. Select All for Page Range.
  6. Select Shrink oversized pages in Page Scaling Options.
  7. Click BACK button on top left to save your Profile with a Print task.
  8. Print a document to the PDF Impress printer using the Profile you just edited, or right click your document and convert with your profile, or open Workroom then select file(s) and click on Convert and select the Profile, choice is yours.


Learn more and download PDF Impress here:

Note: You can add Print task to any Profile or Watcher. If you add it to the Profile used for a Quick conversion then anytime when you right click any  file(s) and pick PDF Impress Quick convert, PDF file(s) will be created in the same location as your original document(s) and automatically printed on physical printer, all with just one click. PDF Impress Quick convert can be defined in Settings. PDF Impress Workroom can be also used for printing your files by choosing Tools and then Print option on right bar.

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