New version of PDF Impress 10 allows easily select any text in PDF document and extract such selection into clipboard for further processing. This feature exits additionally to an ability to export a whole document into .txt format.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Launch the PDF Impress Tools
  2. Click on Load document icon and browse to the PDF document.
  3. Select the text using your mouse.
  4. Right click and click on COPY button (or use shortcut CTRL+C).
  5. Launch Notepad or any word processor and PASTE text from clipboard.


Try it now, download trial of PDF Impress here.

Note: You can extract only text from true PDF document. If you text is an image, e.g. scan then you will not be able to copy and paste it. Be aware that you can always export any content (text or images) from PDF into graphics format with PDF Impress Tools.

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