The Portable Document Format (PDF) was first introduced in the early 90’s and since then it became a de facto standard for electronic documents exchange. Billions of PDF documents were created with a various unstructured data in them including tables, charts, images, text, annotation, signatures and more. If your organization has a need to extract such data from PDFs for further processing, we have solution for you.

PDFix includes a powerful and intuitive PDF Data Extraction API which allows you to extract data in an easily readable structured form. With PDFix you will be able to recognize all logical structures and get a hierarchical structure of document elements in a correct reading order. You can access it through command line or directly from your application using any of C++, Java, C#, or Python interfaces. PDFix is truly cross platform solution with support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

PDFix is useful when document layout and structure recognition with intelligent data extraction from PDF is needed. It can correctly detect and extract text in paragraphs, images, annotations, white spaces, tables (including cell and rows), lists, headers, footers, table of contents and more. It can also detect a correct reading order, regular expressions, pattern matching and AcroForm reading order.

You will be able to export your PDF data into responsive HTML, JSON, TXT, Excel, CSV, XML or tagged PDF or make your PDF Accessible – (PDF/UA) with a very little effort. This tool is must to have for any data mining or big data projects. Correctly structured data provide improved quality of training data examples for machine learning or other artificial intelligent processes or data analysis.

You can learn more and download trial from PDFix API here.

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