PDF Impress 2013 supports PDF creation by simple dragging and dropping documents into PDF Impress Convert to PDF folder. This folder is accessible by launching PDF Impress, or user can simply drag and drops the document(s) into desktop shortcut. Batch conversion and support for a different conversion profiles is available.

How to drag and drop to PDF

Creating PDF files is easy with PDF Impress, just follow these steps:

  1. Launch PDF Impress
  2. Double click the profile you want to use for conversion
  3. Drag and drop your document(s) into Convert to PDF folder
  4. Click Convert to PDF
  5. Click Save  in Save to PDF dialog to start conversion process

Note: If you prefer to add multiple files into Convert to PDF using Windows Explorer click on Add Files or a plus “+” sign in the top right corner in Convert to PDF folder. PDF Impress Profiles allow creating Desktop shortcuts for quick drag and drop to PDF. Using Profile shortcuts eliminates need for opening PDF Impress manually.

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