ActivePresenter can create structured and accessible presentations that can be converted to a Microsoft Word .DOC or Adobe PDF complete with bookmarks and table of contents (TOC). Repurpose, reuse and remix your content as you see fit and output the final presentation in many common document types. With ActivePresenter there is no need to author your presentation in different applications, save time and let ActivePresenter Standard do all the heavy lifting.

Name each slide

Make sure you give each slide a descriptive name. Just click each slide, and edit the Name property. This will be used on each page as well as the the name of the bookmark.

ActivePresenter name each slide and Export to Adobe PDF

Adobe PDF with Bookmarks

Adobe PDF output will include bookmarks that are clickable. Just click the bookmark on the left to be taken to the appropriate page in the PDF.

ActivePresenter Export to Adobe PDF with bookmarks

Microsoft Word .DOC with Table of Contents

Microsoft Word .DOC output includes a complete table of contents. Edit the file as you see fit or distribute the document as is.

ActivePresenter Export to Word DOC with Table of Contents

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