Creating a debug log can provide PDF Impress user with a great deal of information about what is happening during the PDF conversion process should the conversion process fail. Step–by-step entries are written directly into log file. This information may become very essential when you contact our support department and ask for our assistance with your troubleshooting.

To create a debug log, do the following:

  1. Run PDF Impress.
  2. Continue by clicking on Settings.
  3. Click to add a checkmark to the Enable debug log option in Printing section
  4. Pick the location where you want to save your debug log.


Now, open the document you are having problem with and try converting again. The debug information will be written to the “DebugLogMM_DD_YY.txt” debug log file at the location you specified.

When debug log is turned on, temporary files will not be deleted after conversions.
Temporary files are saved in System TEMP folder (default C:\Windows\Temp\) in a format imp*.tmp. Content of these files include a content of the documents you tried to convert and may be required when you contact BinaryNow support department and need conversion troubleshooting assistance.

Note to Terminal Services Admins: You must insure that the user encountering the difficulty has at least write access to the drive or folder you specified for debug log location.

Troubleshooting the installation process: Create “PDFImpressLog.txt” in your Documents ( e.g. C:\Users\USER\Documents, where USER is an administrator who installs PDF Impress)  and install will write information into it.

Learn more about PDF Impress by visiting its product page here.

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